Hello! You may have noticed our Etsy shop is on vacation mode and we're not accepting orders right now as we make some vast changes to the company. These changes include adding additional hazmat fee's to all packages, training some new employees, and finally, we're renovating our currently laboratory to help with the expansion of our company! We know this may sound like bad news, but this minor break from processing orders is going to help us continue expanding as a company and it's going to take us about two weeks before we open our shops back up with all these updates, as well as adding another 50-75 chemicals to our growing business. Thank you to all of those who support us and please check back in about two weeks when we open back up!

For the reasons mentioned above, please reach out to us if you need to discuss anything related to any orders you recently had placed. We'll be more than happy to discuss anything with you while we work on these new company additions before reopening our shop.